Small business

Challenges facing small business right now

When I recently presented to a small business network, I asked what the challenges were facing them right now.

These are the raw responses and I have analysed them a little below.

  1. Finding time to work on business development.
  2. Clients not going online for training.
  3. Biggest challenge – positioning
  4. Managing time, doing everything, and not burning out
  5. Getting new clients
  6. Moving online
  7. Matching my products and messaging to current trends and events
  8. Narrowing in on a USP and articulating it clearly
  9. Finding new clients
  10. Money and people.
  11. Unable to teach Workshops / working with public in person.
  12. Changed environment and fear in outside world.
  13. Business is closed due to lockdown, so now moving online which is slow.
  14. Getting an online service that is not available elsewhere out there, and acceptable.
  15. Clients still not wanting to go online and starting with new clients through zoom.
  16. Redefining different message to various target markets
  17. Launching my business, no in-person events for doing workshops
  18. Targeting, sales and connecting
  19. Connecting with ideal clients
  20. Remote working means less demand for my product.
  21. We have moved online but a lot of our customers have not and that is the issue.
  22. Lack of demands for me now.



Challenge Identified% response
Online issues36
Marketing strategy and execution20
Getting new clients18
Lack of time13
Changed environment13



I guess it is no big surprise that the challenges of getting your product or service online remains a stubborn one to get past. It remains easier to get a product online than some services. Many businesses may have made the transition to online but are still experiences teething difficulties in optimising their business on the new platform.

Getting the marketing strategy and execution correct was in comments like “Defining USP”, “Messaging” and “Positioning” and this was the 2nd biggest challenge mentioned.  This is a time when people are questioning their product offerings and potentially broadening or narrowing their service offerings according to demand. USP, Messaging and Positioning are under constant review.

Getting new clients, attracting new leads etc. came in a close 3rd position. Is it that people are still in a holding pattern in lockdown and not committing to any purchases or investment until the path ahead is clearer? Does this mean there will be a Tsunami of sales ahead??!!!

13% of respondents are busy and have not enough time to dedicate to development as they would like which is encouraging.

13% shows the changed environment reduced the need for their product or made it very difficult to operate their business in an online environment.