With our
6 Step RAMP-UP plan
ActOnSales will gain and retain new customers for your business

How to build sales ramp up plan act on sales

1.  Review

  • Review of benefits and Unique Selling Points of Product / Service
  • Review your online presence
    • Web site: SEO, Keywords, Navigation
    • Social Media Presence: Platforms, Activity
  • Review your off-line activities
    • Current clients, contacts, Email Marketing etc.
  • Review of competitors & their product offering.

2.  Audience

  • Define your Target audience and Ideal Client
  • Look at Demographics, Behaviours and Locations

3.  Message

  • Define the messaging for this audience.
  • What problem are you solving, what will resonate with them?

4.  Practical Plan

  • Devise a practical action plan on how to get that message out there.
  • Exploring all avenues, create a pragmatic action plan with easy daily activities to aid consistency.

5.  Upgrade

  • Grow your customer base from B2C to B2B by exploring the corporate market.
  • Investigate local business opportunities
  • Explore networking opportunities

6.  Pulse

  • Monitoring your activity pulse through Comments, Engagements, Likes, Traffic, Feedback and ultimately SALES
  • If something is not working revising the activities to address this.