Acton Sales provides training in the following areas

1. How to Increase your Business to Business Sales

Often as a small business owner, selling directly to customers, there is fear around tackling the corporate sales area. This is a missed opportunity as it can lead to regular and ongoing business.

The training will:

  • help you develop a Sales plan to investigate and be successful in this area,
  • show you how the requirements of your business may be different for this client type
  • provide useful hints and tips to help you make an impact and win sales

2. How to Grow your Florist Retail Business

With 11 years’ experience of running a successful retail flower business ActonSales can provide you with the inside track on

  • how to develop a client base,
  • how to build long term client relationships,
  • exploring and building sales growth in areas like Events & Weddings
  • how to keep ahead of the competition