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Funnel Filling!

relationship building and networking in sales

One of the hardest things I found when I ran a business was not having enough time to explore all the opportunities, I could see were available.

Often just getting through the day to day would suck a lot of energy out of you. The opportunities that presented themselves were sometimes under exploited or missed altogether.

We would get a sale from a new source and I knew that if that were explored a little more it would grow:

  • who was buying,
  • why were they buying,
  • when would they buy again,
  • who else had that need,
  • develop a rapport, arrange a visit, follow-up online etc.

These activities take time, but they pay dividends. It’s about filling that funnel with new possibilities.

It is also a common problem however that time restraints in small business sales prevents people from exploring these potential opportunities. Some may pay off immediately, some may pay off in the long term, but it is seldom a waste of time.

It’s looking like 2021 is starting out just as challenging as the year gone past unfortunately. Thankfully there are positive things to hold out for including the vaccine.  However the longer the uncertainly goes on, the more small businesses will perhaps not reopen at all.

The business who are looking at new opportunities now:

  • who are exploring the possibilities out there
  • who are building relationships with potential clients,

they will be the ones who will come out fighting rather than waving a white flag.

If you would like to discuss Sales as a Service to your business, give me a call to have a chat about how ActOnSales could be a fit for your business.